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Three Stream Farm is nestled in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, with snow capped mountains to the west and the Georgia Strait to the east.  There are three streams that run through the property, coming together as one to form Kitty Coleman Creek.  Much like those three creeks coming together, three families came together to purchase this rundown piece of property back in 2015, and so Three Stream Farm was born! 

Randy and Teresa Laws, along with their 2 daughters and their families all live on the property and have worked hard to create a place they are proud to call home.  With everyone bringing their own set of skills, ideas and experience to the table, they are constantly evolving and improving what they produce and offer! 

There is never not a project or ten on the go at any given time!

What started as a few older laying hens and a small, freshly dug garden, so they could source their own eggs and veggies, has now grown into a bustling homestead, where they are proud to be able to offer naturally grown products to customers all over Vancouver Island.


What's New!


Our Red Russian garlic is now ready to go!

It's year 2 for garlic for us!!  We finally got most of it cleaned and sorted and it is now available for sale!   Thank you to Auntie Joan who came up and stayed for a few nights and helped us get through the majority of it all. We still have some to take down and clean, but the bulk of it is done.  It's looking good and ready to be planted (in a month or so), stored or eaten!

Three Stream Farm
Pup Treats

New product alert!!
Made from the livers and hearts of our recently processed, pasture raised roasting chickens, these little dog treats have simply been dehydrated and packaged up!
Hank Approves!

Three Stream Farm Spice Rub

A delicious blend of all organic spices, including local Vancouver Island Sea Salt (harvested just down the road, in Black Creek!). 

This spice blend is great on anything, but we especially love it rubbed on our roasting chicken or pork chops!  Yum!




Here on the Farm


Chickens and Turkeys

All of our laying hens, broilers and turkeys come to the farm as day old chicks.  They are raised in a barn, under heat lamps, until they are old enough to go outside.  They are then raised on pasture, with fresh green grass and sunshine available to them at all times!  They are supplemented with non-gmo feed and garden scraps. 

Our laying hens lay large brown eggs!  Don't be surprised when you crack open a double yolker!

Our roasting chickens and turkeys are super juicy and full of flavour!

Image by Nicolas Castez


Our piggies live a great life here on the farm.  This year we are trying rotational grazing with our pigs, which means they will be rotated around the field, with fresh grass to root up all the time!
They are raised naturally on grass and dirt and supplemented with non gmo feed and lots of fresh veggies and apples!
Our pork is available by the whole or side twice a year (September and December).  We also sell it by the cut, year round from our freezer.

Image by Boba Jaglicic

Honey Bees

Dan is the man when it comes to beekeeping around here!  Our first 2 hives arrived last spring, and after a successful first year (we kept them alive through the winter!!!), we are excited to expand and be able to offer honey for sale this summer! 
Our bees have no shortage of food around here....flowering elderberry trees, raspberry and blueberry bushes, a cover crop of flowering buckwheat and out of control mint plants seemed to be their favorite food of choice last year!



Our berry patch is forever expanding.  Last year we were able to offer fresh picked raspberries from our patch.  We expanded our blueberry and strawberry patches last year, and hope to reap those rewards this year....which we will then be able to pass on to our customers.  Berries should be ready towards the end of June and into the summer.  
We also make jams and simple syrups from our berries and rhubarb when they are in season.


Veggie Garden and Garlic

Our vegetable garden seems to expand each year.  We haven't mass grown any one crop to sell, but instead grow a huge variety of veggies that we enjoy!  
This past fall, however, we did plant a large plot of garlic, that we hope we will be able to pass on to our customers this summer!



Our first lambs were born here on the fam this Spring.  They will be raised on pasture and grass fed.  They will be ready for processing late next fall, so stay tuned for Three Stream Farm lamb!


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