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in the Comox Valley

Three Stream Farm is nestled in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, with snow capped mountains to the west and the Georgia Strait to the east.  There are three streams that run through the property, coming together as one to form Kitty Coleman Creek.  Much like those three creeks coming together, three families came together to purchase this rundown piece of property back in 2015, and so Three Stream Farm was born! 

Randy and Teresa Laws, along with their 2 daughters and their families all live on the property and have worked hard to create a place they are proud to call home.  With everyone bringing their own set of skills, ideas and experience to the table, they are constantly evolving and improving what they produce and offer! 

There is never not a project or ten on the go at any given time!

What started as a few older laying hens and a small, freshly dug garden, so they could source their own eggs and veggies, has now grown into a bustling homestead, where they are proud to be able to offer naturally grown products to customers all over Vancouver Island.

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What's New on the Farm


Piglets, Lambs, Chicks and a Calf!!

All our ewes have lambed now, and we have 9 new lamb babies running around.  They are cute and curious and so much fun to watch!

Three batches of meat birds have arrived this past month...which means  180 baby chicks.  They don't stay cute for long, but that's will be nice to have chicken in the freezers again.

We picked up 5 piglets after giving up on breeding. Excited to have baby pigs back on the farm.

And last but not least, Brie delivered a healthy little bull calf Easter weekend.  Rusty is as cute as ever and we are back in milk with Miss Brie!

Eggs For Dayssss!

After a long winter of sweet talking the ladies to lay more eggs....we are back in business!
We made it through, and our newest layers are all laying in full force now.  They were just re-located from their winter home in the barn, out to their mobile coop, where they will be moved around the farm to fresh grass throughout the spring, summer and fall.

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Here on the Farm


Chickens and Turkeys

All of our laying hens, broilers and turkeys come to the farm as day old chicks.  They are raised in a barn, under heat lamps, until they are old enough to go outside.  They are then raised on pasture, with fresh green grass and sunshine available to them at all times!  They are supplemented with non-gmo feed and garden scraps. 

Our laying hens lay large brown eggs!  Don't be surprised when you crack open a double yolker!

Our roasting chickens and turkeys are super juicy and full of flavour!

Image by Nicolas Castez


Our piggies live a great life here on the farm.  They have lots of room to roam and root on pasture and in the trees, and also a cozy covered area of the barn to curl up in the winter, or stay cool in the summer. 
They are raised naturally on grass and dirt and supplemented with non gmo feed and lots of fresh veggies and apples!
Our pork is available by the whole or side a couple times a year and we also sell it by the cut, year round from our freezer.



We are onto our third year of lambing here on the farm.  We have 5 ewes, who have given birth to lambs this year.  They are so much fun to watch grow and play together.  
They are grass fed, pasture raised and will be heading in for processing in the fall.  Stay tuned for more Three Stream Farm lamb!



We are into our fourth year of planting a large plot of red russian garlic.  We seed in October and harvest beautiful, large bulbs the following summer.  We purchased all of our seed in year 1 from Rasa Creek Farm, and have been able to use our own seed the past 3 years, while still having a fair bit to sell!  We have loved this addition to our farm and hope to be able to expand our crop each year, to be able to provide more to you!


Garden goods and the Berry patch!

Our garden and berry patch is mostly for our own food and enjoyment, but occasionally we have extra to share and I do love experimenting with value added products!
Some examples of items we occasionally have available are jams from our berries, simple syrups from berries, rhubarb and mint, scape spice from our garlic, cowboy candy from jalepenos, etc.  
The best way to find out when/what we have available is to join our email list.


Our cows...Brie, Charlie, Kenny, Coco, Cinnamon and Rusty!

Brie is our QUEEN!  She is a 4 year old jersey cow, our family milk cow.  She just had her second calf this Spring and has been providing us with fresh milk and cream since.  Charlie, Coco, Cinnamon, Kenny and Rusty are all beef breeds...Charlie and Coco were bottle fed calves and Kenny and Rusty are Brie's calves.  They are the sweetest little herd and we love them so much!

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