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Farm News: May 2022

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Happy May. I feel like I say this every month....but somehow we are already half way through the month and I'm just getting to this. lol. Here's what's been happening here...

Since everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering...Blanche finally had her baby!! It happened just a couple days ago...7.5 weeks after Agnes lambed. That is quite the spread (and super fun when it comes time to book in processing at Gunter' Blanche gave birth to a little ram lamb (if you are keeping track, that is 100% boys weird) on a Monday afternoon. She did a great job and I just had to assist at the very end with a little pull to help get the not so little guy out. To be totally honest, we were all a little worried about what kind of momma Blanche would be...she's quite stand-offish and prissy (I don't even know how to tell a sheep is prissy...but she just is) Anyways, she is an amazing momma, and her little guy, named Pierogi, is doing great. He looks just like Popcorn...white with the same little tan collar around his neck.

In other exciting news, we welcomed a sweet new baby to the farm named Nova. Nova is a shorthorn/highland cross beef cow and we went and picked her up and brought her home in the front seat of the truck when she was only 1 day old. Her momma had given birth and then got sick and had to be put down. Nova is being fed 3 bottles a day, and living in the barn, right next to Brie. She loves to eat and to run around like crazy. Hopefully it will work out that Cash can show her in a couple of 4H fairs this summer, and then as his calf project next year! We just need to halter break far its not going well...she hates it. haha.

After last months cancelled chick order, we were a little worried that we might not get this months order either...seems to be happening all over the province. But, Tuesday night we picked up our first box full of chicks for the year. They are warm and cozy in the brooder, where they will hang out for the next 4 weeks until they can head outside to pasture.

Our layer hens had to be moved inside due to a provincial order because of Avian bird flu. We are doing our best to get them lots of fun food scraps (thanks to the loop program) to keep them entertained. We were hoping they would be heading back outdoors this week, but with a confirmed case here in the Comox Valley it sounds like they are on lock down for another 4 weeks. Such a bummer, but something we have to do to protect the health of our flock and the flocks in the surrounding area.

This weather has not been conducive to gardening or planting at all...but we did end up with a couple of dry days to at least get the garden prepped and ready for when the weather decides to warm up. The seedlings are dispersed between the greenhouse, my living room window and downstairs under grow lights. Can't wait to get them into the ground.

We have been avoiding firing up the old lawnmower by moving the sheep and Brie around the yard, fencing out areas with electric fence. It has been working really well and the animals have been loving the lush green grass to graze on and we have been loving not having to mow. It would be pretty difficult to get it all done between rainstorms anyway.

Our rhubarb is ready! We are selling fresh stalks by the pound, jam and simple syrup!

The jam is a raspberry/rhubarb delicious on toast or pancakes. And the simple syrup is awesome on yogurt or ice cream, or mixed into soda water or your favorite backyard bevvy.

Fresh Rhubarb: $3/lb

Rhubarb Simple Syrup: $8/bottle

Rhubarb Raspberry Jam: $8/jar

Until next month, xoxo

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