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Farm News: September 2022

It's September! Kids are back to school and back to alllll the things. No more puttering around in the evening...or taking our sweet time enjoying morning chores. Back to schedules and routine and having a million notes and alarms set on my phone so I don't forget anything. Full disclosure...I'm still forgetting things. lol.

So, some very exciting farm news...our momma pig had her babies!! I ran out early one morning to check on her and there were 10 little piggies cruising around!! She luckily didn't need assistance, and took to being a momma really well (ya never know with first time moms). The first 24 hours were pretty stressful and we didn't really leave the barn for fear of momma accidently squishing or stepping on one...but luckily she did amazing, and the piglets figured out pretty quickly how to get out of the way when she was going to lay down. All 10 piglets are doing so well and growing like crazy! This weekend we have the fun job of castrating the that will be a whole experience in itself. Thank goodness for google and Youtube videos. lol. On a side note, if you are interested in raising your own piglet or know of someone who is, we will most likely be selling 5 of them when they are weaned (around 6 weeks).

We finally got most of our garlic cleaned and sorted and it is now available for sale! Thank you to Auntie Joan who came up and stayed for a few nights and helped us get through the majority of it all. We still have some to take down and clean, but the bulk of it is done. It seemed to take longer to dry this year....not sure if the trailer had the ideal amount of airflow or it was just wetter coming out of the ground. Either way, it is looking good and ready to be planted (in a month or so) or eaten!

In sheep news, our sheep shearer, Peter, came out this past Wednesday and sheared? shore? all of the sheep. They all look so tiny after having all that wool taken off. They will have plenty of time to grow it all back before it gets really cold out. We also put Zeus back in with the ewes. It's mating season! We have had Zeus separated from them since they lambed...because sheep don't have a mating season...all seasons are mating So, to time our lambing for spring, we had to keep them apart until now. Over the next couple months, Zeus can do his thang and we should have babies next Feb/March! Yay!

A few other notes: -We celebrated a few farm birthdays....Dad turned the big 65 and Hunter turned 15! -Dahlia's are blooming like crazy! First time growing them and I am in love!! -Tomatoes are ripening. Excited for some salsa and sauce making....and toasted bacon/tomato sandwiches on repeat! -More concrete poured...the rest of the back of the barn, a pad in front that will be a feed storage room and pads for a deck and gazebo. -Not farm related, but once those deck pads were poured, we got our back deck built....yay!

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